Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poems number 1

The before picture of my Granny
So this is going to be a short one but at least I am posting right!!!  I enjoy writing and love poems so here is some of my poems well at least one if you want more your should follow me and read more. LOL  A few years ago my sister gave me a poem about ataxia that made everyone cry for Christmas.  It was the perfect gift.  I m not going to put that poem here but I will tell you the name and who it is by.  It is so good you should look it up.  It is called HOW WILL II DANCE BY SHERRY-ANN BROWN.  I love it and because I had just found out I had Ataxia that year it was perfect.  Anyways the next year I decided I was going to write my granny Anna a poem.  It took allot and my kids helped.  I liked it and when she read it she cried.  So here it is.

you make it look so easy
you make it look so fun
and even know your busy
your job is never done
with calls and fax and emails
your always on the go
and even at your age
your energy's not low
They say with age comes wisdom
and you must have allot
cause every time I look at you
your always at the top
your accomplishments are remarkable
your wisdom never stops
you take your life to the fullest
you attitude just pops

I know they are not the best but they do come from the heart and isn't that the point in writing poems. On a different note I just got asked to be a Bridesmaid.  I have never been one so there is a first time for everything.
Always a Bride never a Bridesmaid.   LOL  To the right is while she is reading the above poem.  I love you granny.

The above picture was took in Seattle, Washington.  We were doing the Walk and Roll for Ataxia 2011.  We go every year and look forward to seeing new people.  Please join us for this wonderful event.  If you want to know when and where let me know.

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